Boxes and Packaging

When moving house, especially a full house, it’s difficult to gather together the required number and size boxes from online or a local store.

So if you are looking for a low-cost home moving kit, packing boxes, bubble wrap, paper or any other packing items then we at Dream Team Movers can help.

Our high-quality packaging materials are designed to protect your belongings during transportation. We are happy to supply these materials to you at a very competitive cost.

Featured Products

Student Moving Pack

Includes Cardboard moving boxes, Archive boxes, and Packing Accessories.

This Student moving pack is very economical; flat packed and can be folded again for re-use. It contains 5 Standard, 3 small moving boxes made from double wall corrugated cardboard, 2 archive document storage boxes with separate lids.

7.5meter roll of bubble wrap for fragile packaging, a roll of brown packaging tape and a marker pen for labeling your boxes.

Total price: £30.00

Starter Moving Pack

Includes cardboard moving boxes and Packing accessories.

This economical start moving pack is ideal for 1 bedroom flat moves. It consists of the following:

2 Large boxes, 5 Standard boxes and 3 small strong double wall corrugated cardboard moving boxes. 7.5m roll of bubble wrap for packing breakables, a roll of brown packing tape and a marker pen.

This moving pack is flat packed and can be folded again for reuse.

Total price: £35.00

Small Moving Pack

Includes cardboard moving boxes and Packing accessories

This small moving pack is conveniently designed for smaller house moves, it consist of the following:

25 Strong double wall packing boxes plus moving accessories. All the cardboard moving boxes are supplied flat packed, fresh and clean and can be folded for reuse after your move.

This pack contains 5 large double wall boxes, 10 standard and 5 small double wall boxes, and 5 smaller boxes, which are suitable for books, CDS, DVDs and heavy items. 2 x 7.5 meter rolls of bubblewrap for fragile packing, 2 x brown tape and a maker pen.

Total price: £45.00

Medium Moving Pack

Medium Moving Pack – Includes cardboard moving boxes and Packing accessories

This medium moving pack has a selection of strong and reliable double wall cardboard moving boxes and accessories.

The pack contains the following:

10 Large double wall boxes, 10 standard double wall boxes, 10 small double wall boxes plus 2 x 7.5meter rolls of bubblewrap, a handheld tape dispenser with 2 brown tapes and maker pen.

The moving boxes are all flatpacked and easy to assemble.

Total price: £55.00

Large Moving Pack

Large Moving Pack – Includes Cardboard moving boxes, Archive boxes and Packing Accessories.

This Large moving pack is designed for family moves.

This pack includes all the moving boxes that are need for your move, they are flat packed and easily assembled. All our moving packs are made from strong top quality double wall corrugated board which can be refolded for reuse.

This pack includes the following:

4 cardboard wardrobe boxes, 10 Large boxes, 10 Standard boxes, 10 small moving boxes, 500 sheets of clean newspaper offcuts for general wrapping, 500 acid-free tissue paper sheets for wrapping silver, a handheld tape dispenser with roll of printed fragile tape and 2 x brown tape, and a maker pen for labelling.

Total price: £140.00

*Please note min order is £30.00 and are subjected to delivery charges*

**All orders take between 48 – 72 hours to process**

Double Wall Box - Small

15″ x 13″ x 12″ = £2.00 each

Double Wall Box - Medium

18″ x 13″ x 13″ = £2.50 each

Double Wall Box - Large

18″ x 18″ x 18″ = £3.00 each

18″ x 18″ x 20″ = £3.20 each

Double Wall Wardrobe Boxes

1.22 meters tall, 510 x 457 mm

18″ Bar

1 x £10.00

Packaging Bubble Wrap


10 meters: £7.00

20 Meters: £11.50

White Newspaper Offcuts

200 sheets = £8.00

Packaging Acid-Free Paper

100 Sheets= £5.00

200 Sheets = £9.50

Brown Packaging Tape

1 Roll = £1.25

Fragile Packaging Tape

1 roll = £1.50

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