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Pianos can often be a customer’s most valuable possession following their house or car, so it is essential to know how to move their piano in the safest way possible.

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Piano Moves – St Albans, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and London.

Dream Team provides a professional, friendly and reliable piano removals service. We take great care with your pianos because we understand how precious they are.

Pianos are large, unwieldy instruments, and can be very difficult and very dangerous to attempt to move by yourself. Due to their heavy weight and large size, it is extremely easy to damage them or their surroundings during a move. It is vital you use a well-trained piano moving service, to ensure you protect your cherished instrument and its surroundings during the removal.

At Dream Team Movers, we take pride and careful precision in every job we undertake, to ensure that you are delighted with the move, and come back to us in the future.

Piano Movers that Care

A piano can be the heart of room or even home. Pianos can bring people together or be a place for quiet practice and contemplation. No matter what your piano means to you, we know it means a lot – which is why Dream Team takes so much care in every piano move we complete.

More Than Just Piano Movers

Dream Team Movers was established on the idea of providing a professional service, with highly-skilled, friendly staff. We are always ready to help and understand the stress that can be involved in any moving. Our aim is to make your move a dream come true. Please feel free to get in touch for a free no-obligation quote or if you have any further questions.

Grand Piano Removals

The grand piano is the biggest and heaviest piano type. Grand pianos are hard to move, and it can be dangerous to attempt to move it yourself. Always trust a professional mover when moving a piano to avoid the risk of injury or damage to your piano and surroundings.

If you are reading this, you can more than likely tell a grand piano from an upright, but for those that aren’t clear – a grand piano is a horizontal piano, with the strings and the frame on the same level, with the strings extending away from the keys.

As the strings are horizontal, they also feature an action that is below the strings and uses gravity to return the hammers to rest – whereas upright pianos rely on springs.

Baby Grand Piano

A baby grand piano shares the essential characteristics of the grand piano and merely is classified by size. The largest of the grand pianos is called the concert grand.

Grand Piano
Black Upright Piano

Upright Pianos

The upright piano is the most common household piano due to the fact it was designed to take up far less space than the horizontal stringed grand piano. Moving upright pianos is slightly easier than a grand piano, due to their more compact size, but they are still extremely heavy and cumbersome to attempt to move by yourself.

Upright pianos also called vertical pianos, are more compact because the frame and strings are vertical. Unlike the grand piano, the hammers move horizontally and return to their resting position via springs.

Clavinova/Digital Piano Moves

Though digital pianos and Clavinovas are much smaller and far less cumbersome than their analogue counterparts, they are still significant items, which need great care and attention to move. During any piano move, great care has to be taken to avoid damage to the piano and the pianos surroundings – digital pianos are no different.

Many are built to the same finish as an upright or grand piano, often having a wooden stand and frame that is crafted to a very high quality. So though digital pianos do not weigh the same as an upright piano – due to the size of the frame and the weight of the strings – they do still require careful handling.

Looking for Man and Van Services?

Our man and van services are a great way to get your items delivered or moved. We deliver your furniture where you want it, not just to the door. Need a hand getting it to the bedroom or dining room? No problem. Check our man and van services for more information.

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More Than Just Piano Moves

As an St Albans based company, we provide piano moving services across Hertfordshire, London, and Buckinghamshire. As will all our moves, we take great care with your pianos because we understand how precious they are.

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