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Storage Facilities in Hertfordshire for Long-term and Short-Term Storage, Business or Domestic.

Dream Team offers complete removals and storage solutions, and are always on hand to help make your move a dream come true.

When it comes to moving home, we will always endeavour to help you move quickly, and as smoothly as possible. But we all know that there are a lot of logistics involved in a house move, and sometimes there are moving chains which can be unavoidable.

In these situations, you may want to store your household belongings and furniture in a safe, secure storage facility between the move out date of your old home, and the move-in date of your new home.

Dream Team can help here too! As we have great solutions for storage between house moves, for all your furniture and household wares.

If this is a service you require, then get in touch for a quote, and we will be happy to help.

Furniture Storage St Albans, Hertfordshire

Household furniture items are going to be the biggest and bulkiest to store between a house move – which can be especially problematic when you have a moving-out date that is before your new moving-in date.

Sometimes these issues are unavoidable, as moving chains can cause hold-ups in moves. If you need to be out by a specific date to secure the sale, then that is what you have to do. But what happens to all your belongings if they can’t go straight into your new house?

They go into storage!

Whether you choose self-storage, and we package up your items and move them into storage, or you use our storage and storage container options, that is up to you – but this is a common occurrence. We are happy to help with any removals and storage requirements.

How does it work?

Our secure storage solution offers modular wooden storage containers, that can be filled with moving boxes, furniture, moving crates, and more. The wooden modular storage unit is then stored in a fully secure warehouse monitored 24/7 by CCTV and security.

We have other solutions available too, and you are welcome to talk to us to discuss your requirements.

Removals & Storage Options

Our removals and storage options range from part to complete. If you want us to manage the packing and removals from your old home into storage, and then the move to the new house and unpacking and assembly – we can do that. But we can also tailor a bespoke service to your requirements. Below are a few common scenarios:

Removals into self-storage

When we complete a removal into self-storage, we will help move your items into the storage facility of your choice. For larger items, including furniture such as sofas, wardrobes, shelving units, and other things – it can be challenging to move. That’s where we can help.

Removals & Storage by us

We also offer complete removal and storage option, where we can store your items between moves, at a very competitive rate. Our storage options are designed specifically for house moves and can accommodate furniture and large items without a problem. Make sure you speak to us today or use the contact form below to ask about our storage options.

Long-term storage options

Long-term storage options are also available. There can be many reasons for long-term storage, and we are happy to help with this too. Long-term storage options are also available. There can be many reasons for long-term storage, and we are happy to help with this too.

Examples of long-term storage:

  • Long time between move out date and move-in date
  • Going abroad to study or live for six months or more
  • Downsizing your house and requiring storage during the interim
  • Storage during renovation or building works
  • General moving house storage
  • Declutter your home while selling or for estate agency photos
  • Free up living space
  • Dependant moved away for university and want to utilise the room during that time
  • Office move/relocation Office renovations

Short-term storage options

  • Declutter for the estate agent photos
  • Storage during renovation or building works
  • General moving house storage
  • Make space for refurbishment i.e. kitchen refit or new wardrobes
  • Office move/relocation Office renovations

As you can see, there are many reasons why you may require long-term or short-term storage in St Albans, and across Hertfordshire – and Dream Team are here to help with our range of storage solutions.

Talk to us today to discuss all of your options, and how we can help with your requirements.

Looking for Man and Van Services?

Our man and van services are a great way to get your items delivered or moved. We deliver your furniture where you want it, not just to the door. Need a hand getting it to the bedroom or dining room? No problem. Check our man and van services for more information.

toon style van with boxes

Need Boxes & Packaging Supplies?

Dream Team aren’t just about Removals. If you require boxes for self-storage, we have a range of boxes and packaging supplies available from our new shop in St. Albans.

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